The Best Ice Hockey Movies on Netflix

Luke Visser
2 min readMar 4, 2021

Sports movies provide inspiration as characters overcome various struggles that may involve their personal lives, conflicts with teammates or with other teams.There are many hockey movies that provide insight into the sport and inspire viewers to cheer.

The Mighty Ducks-1992

Self-absorbed attorney Gordon Bombay finds himself on the other side of the law in a courtroom, after being arrested for driving under the influence. He receives the sentence of performing community service by acting as a coach for a local youth hockey team. Bombay encounters an ill-equipped team who play for the love of the sport but who desire to improve. In order to help his team, the lawyer must overcome the dark clouds over his past. With a little inspiration from an old mentor, he guides the team to victory. The popularity of the movie and theme spawned two sequels and is still considered one of the best hockey movies of all time.

Mystery, Alaska-1999

Mystery is the name of a small Alaskan community that experiences hardships and conflicts among each other, not unlike other cities and towns. But, locals regularly gather to watch each other play hockey on the lake. The town is proud of its successful amateur team, which attracts the attention of a writer from “Sports Illustrated.” An article in the magazine about the team and community inspires a challenge to play a game against the professional New York Rangers. Local residents put their differences aside to support the team for the unique event.


The movie is based on the true story that occurred during the 1980 Winter Olympics when the young and inexperienced U.S. hockey team was pit against the world-renowned invincible Russian team in a fight for the gold medal. The United States was guided by former player and current coach Herb Brooks. Despite degradation by the Soviet team, with hard work and dedication, the U.S. team rose to victory.


A hockey coach witnesses a young man named Doug in a fistfight with another who is his team’s opponent. The aggression the coach sees in Doug inspires him to recruit the pugilist to function as a defenseman and enforcer for the team. The new guardian is successful in his battle to protect fellow players. But, he must confront the reputable enforcer of an opposing team before they are able to experience victory.



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